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IBM provides no support whatsoever for running Linux on NUMA-Q hardware. You do so totally at your own risk. Changing hardware on your machine will probably invalidate your warranty.

This work is DEVELOPMENTAL. Back up your data.

I will answer questions as best I can, but I'm not a support organisation ;-)
NUMA-Q is a trademark of IBM corporation.


It is now possible to run Linux on IBM's NUMA-Q hardware (originally made by Sequent Computer Systems), as of Linux kernel 2.4.11-pre4. The machines will boot and run Linux, but the OS is unaware that the hardware is a NUMA architecture, not SMP.


This project is devoted to refining the functionality of Linux on this platform and discussing workarounds for current problems. Patches may be submitted and discussed here, and possible avenues for further development may be investigated.


The OSDL has a 4 quad (16 proc) system that's available to the public. Or you can build your own if you have a spare NUMA-Q lying around ... you can dual-boot Linux & PTX easily (if you're brave enough).

Current known issues (click on them for current status)


Don't expect Linux to perform on this hardware like DYNIX/ptx. Hordes of engineers with years to tune an OS make a better job than 1 person and 9 months of hacking ;-)

On a 4 quad with 550MHz procs, I can compile the kernel in 28 seconds. I have some lockmeter data, etc that I'll follow up with later.

NUMA awareness


Other useful resources

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